New Logo Design For RDM

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We just had our logo redesigned! A fresh, new design for Rosche Digital Marketing.


Why A New Logo?

I (Cade Rosche, owner of RDM) designed the old logo in mid 2020 with basically zero experience in graphic design. It served it’s purpose, but I think the time has come for a better logo. With this change in logo comes a change in color. The first website I designed was based off of a monochrome, black and white theme with lime green accents. I chose the lime green color because green is one of my favorite colors and I have a lime green Jeep Wrangler. This color is still present on the blog.


The first advice you always get as someone new to graphic design is to start designing with just black as color is hard to manage at first. So that’s what I did with the first logo/site design. But this time around, I had someone I have worked with before redesign my logo. His name is Piotr Swat and he is a very talented graphic designer from Poland. I found him on Behance and thought his work was incredible. Piotr is always open to more work, so don’t hesitate to reach out to him ( if you need any graphic design services.


Old Logo

site logo RDM


New Logo


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