The Importance of a Website for a Machining/CNC Business

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There are some services and products that are highly visible in the B2B world, and other niches that tend to function in the background. For example, electronics, food, and clothing generally occupy a lot of customer headspace. If you’re a CNC business owner or machinist, then you fall into this category. Many of your business clients don’t realize they need outside help to produce a part until they realize they lack the internal bandwidth to do it on their own. When that happens, you need to position your business front-and-center as the solution.


That’s why having a website is so important for your CNC business. It’s the best way to make yourself visible and discoverable. 


The first thing people will do when they need your services is head to a search engine. If you impress them with your website, they will definitely give you their business. 


Here are the basics of a great website that will ensure that you put together the best business image for your company online.


The Brand Marketing Value of The Website

As a business owner, you know all about investment. You have spent hours honing your craft. You invested in expensive machinery to get the job done. You know that a smart investment can pay you back many times over. Your website is no different. With a small investment of time and energy, you can create a website that will generate marketing value for your brand for years to come.


Think of it this way. Your business has a physical location filled with high-quality signage, a smart-looking desk, and all the right tools to complete your work safely and efficiently. But most people who visit your physical site are probably already customers. They already know your brand, and they trust what you offer.


To reach people who have never heard of you, you need a digital home for your business. That’s where you can set about establishing a powerful brand. This way, people know what you stand for before they even give you a call. It’s a lot easier to update a brand graphic than a physical sign, too. A website is a good investment in growing the strength of your brand.


Components of a Good Website

There are a few key things that your website must include. Put yourself in a potential customer’s mindset and ask yourself what you’d need to know. First, you’d want to know whether the business is legitimate. Who owns this shop? How long have they been around? What skills and training do they have? Make sure you have a page that gives information about the history of your business. Toot your own horn! Don’t be shy about any certifications or fun facts about how you started your business. You need to impress your customer with professionalism while also being personable and approachable.


Next, you’ll need a section that very clearly outlines which services you provide. What capabilities can you execute on? Which industries do you typically work with? What size order and what type of materials can you handle? It’s best to be very clear about this. Don’t leave any wiggle room if there’s something you just can’t do. Your customers don’t want to waste time with a shop that can’t help them, and you can’t afford to waste time on the phone with people you can’t help.


Finally, you’ll need a page that can support a good RFQ (request for quote) system. This is the most important part of the online sales process, and is an integral part of your marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is a technical term for the process that your potential customers go through before making a purchase. They start with awareness of your brand, then the funnel gets smaller, and they begin to consider your specific services. Finally, they decide to inquire directly. The RFQ fills this slot by being the first form that customers see when they begin to commit to a purchase with you.


Your RFQ system should be simple and easy to use, both for you and your customers. Make sure you design a form that includes all the fields necessary to provide an accurate quote. Capture all the important data and make that your website securely holds onto that customer data until you’re ready to return the request. 


If you need help, reach out to Rosche Digital Marketing and we can design a system that meets your needs.


The Impression a Good Website Leaves on Potential Clients

Your website needs to leave a good impression on every potential client. This is true whether or not they make a purchase. Some studies show that people need to see your brand or website up to seven times before they trust you enough to make a purchase. 


Use your company website to educate customers. Give them the information they need. Entertain them with a fun fact or delightful design. Help them solve their problems. Put your best foot forward with positive language. Make sure your design elements are top-notch, too. 


Even if you’re not a graphic design firm, the quality of your visuals says a lot about the quality of your business. Sloppy looking visuals can give the impression that you do sloppy work. 


By showcasing your professionalism, your website will leave a good impression on your potential customers. Amp it up by including testimonials from happy former customers, and you’ve got it in the bag. Remember, it doesn’t take much to make a good impression. Keep it simple. An overly complicated website with too much text and too many design elements is far less impressive than a simple splash page with a gorgeous logo and an RFQ form. 


Websites for CNC Shops/Machinists

You might feel like many marketing firms just don’t get you. After all, many people don’t understand the important role that machinists play in helping build our society. That’s why we started Rosche Digital Marketing. We’re committed to building great websites and digital strategies for business owners like you.


If you’re ready to experience the power of a great website, reach out to Rosche Digital Marketing. Our team of designers and business strategists are excited to help you reach new customers and grow your business with a suite of industry-leading digital marketing solutions.


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